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My Work

My heart is in the work

Underworld Gang  Wars

As Senior Game Designer at Mayhem Studios, I am deeply involved in the level design and world creation of both maps for this upcoming Battle Royale game.

I wrote editor tools in Unreal that sped up the level design pipeline, and helped design modular assets to populate this world with. I also wrote inexpensive shaders that helped the team to create visually varied and stylized assets that make the most of the limited polygon and memory budget of mobile devices.

I Expect You To Die 

I worked as a Design Intern at Schell Games during the development of this "I Expect You To Die", an award-winning virtual reality (VR) escape-the-room puzzle game that lets you step into the world of an elite secret agent.   


My responsibilities included designing feel-good prop interactions, like the lighting of the cigar in this clip, and building interactive object hints to indirectly guide players struggling with certain puzzles or mechanics.

Volcano Bay - Universal Orlando

Facial Mocap is no joke. The equipment is expensive; it requires skilled technicians to get captures, and it needs the touch of an artist in post to build a good performance.


Universal Orlando needed an inexpensive, and fast REAL-time solution for a new and upcoming attraction at Volcano Bay. 


I used some clever Maths and and Xbox Kinect to teach a Volcano spirit how to lip-sync.

Bezier Curve Editor

Made an editor tool in Unity to streamline the production of multiple trace the path games. Enabled a large team of designers to quickly build, customize and deploy games that teach children numbers, shapes, and letters.

Used Bezier Curves, and Vector Calculus to make the tool as versatile and expressive as possible. This was done as part of my work as Technical Designer at BYJU's, in collaboration with Disney.

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