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Side Projects

Stuff I did for fun. Or just because, I can.


This is a prototype I'm working on as a study of puzzle design. It is a single-player co-op game about balance, symmetry and working together constructively.

Here is a Windows build of the game. Just download and unzip the folder, "Yin-Yang Windows".

Yin-Yang Game 

Prison Escape

We had already worked with several different and unique platforms while studying Game Design at CMU, so this time, we decided to build our own!

The lock picking puzzle board, the prison bars, and the butt sensor, are all of our own design! The levels were designed to be logical, challenging, and above all else, amusing. Judging by the reactions from the crowd, we did a good job.

Help Harold 

The game design prompt for this project was to:

"Build a game without instructions"


We had the X-box kinect to work with as an interface, and after two weeks of prototyping, play-testing and iteration, this is what we came up with.

I am very proud of the work done here, because a 60 year old woman completed it, without any instruction, and smiled :)

My First Game

I had a friendly competitive relationship with a talented friend of mine from college who claimed that she was the better programmer. Naturally, I couldn't just let that claim stand. We both made computational art, so we decided to make a game each, and leave it to the class to decide who was the better programmer. She now has a PhD. But I shall always be the better programmer and Game Designer :)

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